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How We Make LifePatent Products.


A Better Way to Extract.Process.Produce.

After our farmers have reaped what they have sown the Extraction process begins. This is science galore! In this area we have collaborated with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, if extraction processes and methods interest you, coming soon extraction 101, for now here is a brief description of our technology.

Our Technology

LifePatent uses a wide variety of technology and proprietary techniques in the design, formulation and manufacturing process of our Hemp products. We started with extensive field research for the best cultivars "strains" of Hemp available. Once the cultivars and farmers were identified and/or in place (not an easy job) we followed the plant to it's completion. The harvest cycle ends with a drying period and then our Hemp heads off for extraction (we spent almost a year interviewing extractors). We understood that multiple methods of extraction would be required to create the end result we intended. These methods include CO2, Sub Zero Food Grade Ethanol and Steam. Each of the methods we use have proprietary components to them and each create a different type of product when utilized properly and scientifically allowing us to offer our unique and potent Hemp products. With our premium cultivars, farmers and extraction techniques it was only natural to use one of the finest formulators in the industry and team him up with our Cannabis expert Keith and our PHD Scientist, Jim. The result is our very pleasant tasting Hemp oil that is extremely effective and highly standardized allowing our customers to have a repeatable experience. That's the key, can you get that great product on your second order or will it change as it often does when systems are not standardized or built intentionally with forethought from the ground up, like ours. Once the formulations are complete we move to the final stage of manufacturing and production. Our products are bottled in a GMP practicing bottling facility where LifePatent experts, formulators and/or scientists oversee our extreme standards for purity and consistency in the bottling and safety sealing of every product we make to our proprietary cGMP standards and practices.