What Is Hemp - The Science of Hemp

Modern medicine has a long way to go to provide the science and guidelines of cannabinoids humankind already knew until it's removal from commerce by unilateral convention in the 1970's as a result of political and financial motivations (there is evidence). However, since then, science has discovered what has been termed the "endocannabinoid system" or ECS for short. Scientists now claim the human body is regulated by the ECS as well as all mammals and vertebrates. The ECS system produces the stimulus for almost every regulatory system of the body and brain. The ECS is triggered by the keys to it's locks, cannabinoids which our bodies produce naturally. Yes, that's true, our bodies create and produce endocannabinoids just like cannabis or hemp, naturally. The cannabis plant is natures cannabinoid factory, producing a wide variety of cannabinoids (The Keys) to the bodies regulatory system. This is where the science was misplaced by the politics and due to the 70 year prohibition of research on cannabis we know very little about the plant. We are just beginning to understand the vast and amazing properties of cannabis / hemp cannabinoids and their effect on the body by their introduction to our natural ECS system. While research will undoubtably continue to increase as restrictions are removed in the US and abroad today we are in the infancy of understanding of this truly miraculous plant. The science suggests we should all be taking Hemp supplements as a daily regiment whether in good health or not. The science also suggest those not in good health should take more than those who are healthy. How much more, no one really knows as of yet. There are research studies currently underway using 1000+ mg per day on a variety of conditions and other studies using a little as 10mg per day. One thing is for sure, cannabis/hemp is not toxic and there is no known toxic level for cannabis consumption. At LifePatent we encourage everyone to read and study all that you can about cannabinoids and their effects on the body. We believe this knowledge is everyones knowledge and a stepping stone to a better future for the human condition. Today is a good day to start your own science, try hemp oil for yourself, watch the results and document them while you enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle where you "Live in Motion" with LifePatent Hemp Oil.

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Hemp Oil is changing the way the world views health. For thousands of years cultures used the Hemp plant for a wide variety of uses including health needs. Thanks to recent changes in international and national Hemp laws as well as a relaxation of regulations and restrictions on the Hemp plant a new era of human understanding has begun. We are proud and honored to be on the scientific forefront of this exciting new frontier and are committed to the journey.