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Daily Health CBD 600mg per 1oz


CBD/A Medical Grade 1000mg

CBD/A Medical Grade 2000mg

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Medical Grade Hemp CBD/A Oil 2000mg




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Our Premium Medical Grade T1 Hemp CBD/A is a very special blend of Sativa and Indica Medical Hemp Cultivars offering a unique expression of Cannabinoids. Medical Grade CBD/A is totally unique in it's configuration and custom formulation. Not only did we leave all the parts intact for the true interaction science and nature intended. We blended our pure CBDA with CBD in an almost equal ratio of 1/2 CBD and 1/2 CBDA. Our 2000mg bottle has a total of 1998mg's by weight with 870mg's of CBD and 843mg's of CBDA with an additional 249mg's of entourage cannabinoids including CBG, CBC, CBN, THCA, CBGA and 60mg's of 15 different terpenes. Our ingredients are simple, natural and pure, Hemp flower extracts mixed with Coconut MCT Oil and Natural lemon Flavoring. You can rest assured that every LifePatent product is the real deal, tested, certified and genuine.

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  1. Very Pleased review by Leah on 10/29/2018

    I am a Pain Management & Movement Specialist and recently ordered Life Patent hemp oil after being dissatisfied with the potency of the last oil I was using. I ordered the The CBDA 2000mg oil to try before recommending to my clients. Although it can take a little time before seeing results, I started noticing results immediately. I noticed that the burn I had on my face was starting to heal over 2x faster. I also started to notice that my chronic back discomfort was decreasing, that I was sleeping more deeply & soundly, and that my anxiety was more at bay. I am very pleased with this hemp oil over many I have tried in the past. I will certainly be recommending Life Patent to my clients with Acute/Chronic Pain & Disease.

    Leah Drew
    Pain Management Specialist
    Mind Body with Leah

  2. Super Strong review by KB on 9/17/2018

    I created this product, it is potent. Basically this is a 50/50 mix of CBD and CBDA creating CBD/A there is about 1000mg's of CBD and 1000mg's of CBDA in the 2000mg bottle for the express purpose of leveraging the science that shows CBDA when ingested expresses higher blood level concentrations of CBD compared to a similar dose of CBD only. The downside to the potency and the CBDA is the astringent aftertaste which can linger or just not taste great. If taste is important to taking CBD everyday I would suggest the 2000mg CBD instead. If results is the purpose than this is the product to try.

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