CBD/A Medical Grade 500mg

CBD/A Medical Grade 500mg

Medical Grade CBD 250mg


Medical Grade Hemp CBD Oil with 250mg full spectrum whole hemp cannabinoids per bottle (8mg/ml)

Suggested Use: Take one dropperful under tongue, hold for 20-30 seconds then swallow. Increase as needed or as directed by your health care professional.

For best results take after a meal or a high fat snack.

Our Premium Medical Grade T1 Hemp CBD is a truly potent blend of Sativa and Indica Medical Hemp Cultivars offering a unique expression of Cannabinoids. Medical Grade CBD is realized in it's full spectrum expression, we left all the parts intact for the true interaction intended. 250mg means just that, there are 264 mg's of CBD plus 27mg's CBC and CBG and only .03 THC, our widest ratio yet at 29.3:1 This is a great product for starters to cannabinoids, younger and smaller individuals and our pets, yes, your pets can use this too. The less than 1% (.88) concentration and almost 30:1 CBD to THC expression is an optimal starting point for those new to Hemp oils. The flavor is also tasty as opposed to the higher concentration products. Medical Grade CBD 250 has a clean and clear yellow profile which tastes great with a pleasant lemon aftertaste. Our ingredients are simple, natural and pure, Hemp flower extracts mixed with Coconut MCT Oil and Natural lemon Flavoring. When you are ready to move up the dosage our Daily Health 600, Black Label 400, or medical Grade 500 is the next step. You can rest assured that every LifePatent product is the real deal, tested, certified and genuine.
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MCT coconut oil, hemp extract [cannabinoids], natural lemon oil