Daily Health

Daily Health Broad Spectrum 0.0% THC - 600mg bottle

Daily Health CBD 600mg per 1oz

Daily Health CBD 600mg
LifePatent Daily Heath CBD 600mg is our recommended starting point for all "healthy" individuals. This is the product to choose if you are "not sure" what to buy. Our 600mg Daily Health bottle was created to take out the guess work and get started with CBD. Our Premium Daily Health 600mg is formulated from the same T1 Cultivar used in our Medical Grade CBD with intention for the perfect balance of taste and potency for normal everyday use. We designed this product to help us all "Live in Motion" and we hope you will try our flagship blend of taste, potency and purity. Our 600mg bottle has 615 mg's of cannabinoids by weight, 555 of those are CBD with an additional 60mg's of entourage cannabinoids including CBG and CBC. Our ingredients are simple, natural and pure, Hemp flower extracts mixed with Coconut MCT Oil and Natural lemon Flavoring. You can rest assured that every LifePatent product is the real deal, tested, certified and genuine. Unfortunately those are the only claims we can legally make about our products. Everybody knows the real deal when they see it, here it is, guaranteed.
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MCT coconut oil, hemp extract [cannabinoids], natural lemon oil