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What does the ‘Medical Grade CBD’ label actually mean?

LifePatent medical grade hemp CBD products are a proprietary blend of high-quality cultivars combined with leading extraction and delivery technology that optimize the full expression of cannabinoids presented in the hemp plant. All of LifePatent’s products are considered ‘medical grade’—meaning they are of a quality that surpasses other CBD products in the marketplace. Why? Because of our production processes, plant cultivars, and proprietary absorption technology, LifePatent products provide enhanced efficacy, making them especially suitable for the treatment of both chronic and acute conditions that may respond to cannabinoid therapy. We are not aware of any other medical grade CBD products in the marketplace today.

What LifePatent products are considered ‘medical grade’?

While most of LifePatent’s hemp products can be considered medical grade CBD, the two products that are targeted for those with chronic and acute health concerns--such as those seeking CBD for inflammation and pain—include CBD/A Hemp Oil 600mg and CBD/A Hemp Oil 1800mg. LifePatent’s Premium Medical Grade Hemp CBD/A 600mg and 1800mg contain a very special blend of Sativa and Indica Hemp Cultivars offering a unique expression of cannabinoids. Medical Grade CBD/A is entirely unique in its configuration and custom formulation because our production and extraction process leaves all of the cannabinoid compounds intact. LifePatent’s CBD/A Hemp Oil offers a unique 50/50 blend of CBD and CBDA, among other full spectrum whole hemp cannabinoids. This means that all of the ‘entourage cannabinoids’ (those other cannabinoids that enhance interaction within the human endocannabinoid system ) including CBG, CBC, CBN, THCA, CBGA and 15 different terpenes contribute to the overall proprietary blend and its potency and efficacy to complete our Medical Grade CBD. LifePatent medical grade CBD hemp oil leverages the science that shows CBDA, when ingested, expresses higher blood level concentrations of CBD compared to a similar doses of CBD only. Additionally, terpenes and other organic compounds found within the hemp plant are maintained and synergistically expressed within our medical grade full spectrum CBD blends, increasing efficacy and delivery.

Who needs medical grade CBD?

Anyone who benefits from hemp CBD oil will benefit from LifePatent medical grade CBD products. However, those that experience chronic or acute inflammatory ailments may benefit from the LifePatent CBD/A medical grade blends that provide potent cannabinoids and terpenes into the body’s endocannabinoid system. Additionally, because the LifePatent Medical Grade CBD comes in your choice of 600mg and 1800mg concentrations, you can adjust your concentration based on your needs.  

Does LifePatent medical grade CBD oil taste the same as a ‘regular’ CBD?

It may, or may not. To some individuals, the raw or acidic full spectrum compounds that improve the absorption, delivery and overall efficacy of LifePatent’s medical grade CBD may have an astringent taste or ‘bite’. These acidic compounds provide the key to unlocking the full potential of CBD and other cannabinoids, improving the integration and incorporation of these healing compounds within the human endocannabinoid system.

Will my dosage of CBD change when using LifePatent Medical Grade CBD oil products?

The higher acidity of LifePatent’s Medical Grade Hemp CBD/A 600mg and 1800mg tinctures will deliver a higher efficacy than CBD only products.  This means you may have to take less of the product than you normally would when administering LifePatent’s Daily Health or other hemp oil products. Recommended dosage is dependent upon the individual. Everyone is different when it comes to deciding how much hemp CBD oil to take. Concentrations of CBD within our hemp oils vary by product, but using hemp oil is simple. Sublingual (under the tongue) application promotes the best transfer of cannabinoids into the body. Standard application involves using a dropper to apply a full dropper of oil under the tongue and letting it completely absorb, rather than swallowing it. The easiest way to determine dosage is by paying attention to your body, starting gradually, and increasing the amount until the desired effects are obtained.

We always suggest that you check with your doctor before using any supplement. However, scientific studies have identified few medications that negatively interact with cannabinoids. Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD may interact negatively with some chemotherapeutic drugs, liver medications and some epilepsy drugs.

Does LifePatent Medical Grade CBD contain higher amounts of THC?

By definition, all LifePatent hemp CBD oils and tincture contain less than 0.3% THC. Because all of the LifePatent products are hemp-based, they are legally produced and distributed under the 2018 Farm Bill. This means they have been authorized as a legal product by the United States Congress and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). All LifePatent products are legal to possess and transport, both here and abroad. LifePatent also has a THC-free full spectrum hemp oil product for those that seek absolute assurance that their CBD oil is THC-free.

Our ingredients are simple, natural, and pure hemp flower extracts mixed with MCT Coconut Oil and natural lemon flavorings. Oils containing medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) promote the most efficient delivery of the cannabinoid extracts. Our products are analyzed by a third-party laboratory based in Boston. We include the results of these analyses with every product that we sell (Certificate of Analysis), and the results for any given lot can be found on our website. Customers can see for themselves what is in each and every bottle that we sell.

Are LifePatent Medical Grade CBD oils more expensive than other CBD oils?

No. LifePatent’s medical grade products are competitively priced within the CBD oil marketplace.