CBDA 500mg Medical Grade

500mg CBDA Medical Grade
500mg CBDA Medical Grade is our lowest concentration of pure, raw, CBDA. Please note, this product has an astringent bite to it and is not as smooth or delightful tasting as our other products. However that being said CBDA is unique in this form as a tincture. Blood plasma studies have shown that the body converts the CBDA to CBD far more efficiently then expected and shows increased bloods levels of CBD by multiples of taking CBD alone. There is great promise in the area of raw cannabinoids which is what CBDA is, some would even call it a basic building block for cannabinoids. At LifePatent we consider it part of the new frontier in cannabinoid wellness science.
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Coconut (MCT) oil, organically grown Certified Industrial hemp oil extract, natural flavoring.