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CBD/A Medical Grade 500mg

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Medical Grade Hemp CBD/A Oil 500mg
Our Premium Medical Grade T1 Hemp CBD/A is a very special blend of Sativa and Indica Medical Hemp Cultivars offering a unique expression of Cannabinoids. Medical Grade CBD/A is totally unique in it's configuration and custom formulation. Not only did we leave all the parts intact for the true interaction science and nature intended. We blended our pure CBDA with CBD in an almost equal ratio of 1/2 CBD and 1/2 CBDA Our 500mg bottle contains 498mg's of cannabinoids, 231mg's of CBD and 219mg's of CBDA with an additional 33mg's of CBG, CBC, THCA and THC plus another 15mg's of terpenes. Our ingredients are simple, natural and pure, Hemp flower extracts mixed with Coconut MCT Oil and Natural lemon Flavoring. You can rest assured that every LifePatent product is the real deal, tested, certified and genuine. Unfortunately those are the only claims we can legally make about our products so we let them, our customers, friends and families speak for us.
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MCT coconut oil, hemp extract [cannabinoids], natural lemon oil