Keith Butler

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

A native of Washington, DC, Keith serves as LifePatent’s chief innovator. Despite the relatively recent emergence of the hemp oil industry, Keith is actually a 40-year industry veteran who was been working with Cannabis within the natural healing profession to design health and wellness products since the early 1990s. Keith has joined forces with some of the brightest minds in the emerging sciences of cannabinoids and has co-formulated some of the most class-effective products available. Keith sits on the board of the Pink House Charities, a Veterans assistance cooperative dedicated to bringing a new level of wellness care for our Veterans. As a founding member of LifePatent, Keith is a self-proclaimed and life-long hemp activist who has worked to promote the benefits of hemp since the early 1980s when efforts to legalize the plant began, and through collaboration with some of the original cannabis rights activists. His passion for hemp was nurtured through extensive world travel across many continents, including Asia, South America, and Africa. Through this experience, Keith brings a depth of knowledge to LifePatent ranging from law and public speaking to manufacturing processes and international distribution. “Nature provides us with everything we need to heal and nourish the mind and body. Understanding hemp’s power and potential to heal has fueled my personal devotion to the cause, and to the products I create. Hemp oil and cannabinoids are truly Nature’s remedy.”