Hans Banziger

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hans’ enthusiasm and advocacy for LifePatent’s hemp oil stems from his own experiences with the product. His ability to reclaim flexibility and movement in his upper torso through the use of LifePatent’s formulations, inspired his enthusiasm for the product and catalyzed his intentions to create a business model to refine, package, and distribute the product. A Navy veteran of the Korean War, Hans was born and raised in New Burg, New York, and earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Houston, fueling his life-long entrepreneurial aspirations. Having founded a still-thriving benefits planning company in 1969, Retirement Planners & Administrators (RPA), Hans is a pioneer in the retirement planning industry. Known as a great strategist, Hans led the way for RPA’s expansion into new markets and continues as the company’s strategic visionary. Hans sits on the advisory boards of several organizations in the Washington D.C. area, and provides LifePatent with business acumen, industry insight, and strategic direction. "There's a lot of hype about hemp oil out there. But count me in as a believer. I speak from personal knowledge, and have experienced life-altering improvements through the use of this product. LifePatent stands apart from the noise by being honest. This is the real deal.”