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Hemp Oil is changing the way the world views health. For thousands of years cultures used the Hemp plant for a wide variety of uses including health needs. Thanks to recent changes in international and national Hemp laws as well as a relaxation of regulations and restrictions on the Hemp plant a new era of human understanding has begun. We are proud and honored to be on the scientific forefront of this exciting new frontier and are committed to the journey.

Who We Are

Life Patent is the result of a group of talented people recognizing a connection to the plant and its meaning to others. It began simply, my Hemp products helped an old friend and made him feel better. He connected me with his friend who I also made feel better. From there it grew until I realized I had real support! My ideas and beliefs were transformed from samples to products then to farms, formulations and factories. A company was formed by the original users of the products who felt much better now thanks to my Hemp formulations, so they funded us. We hired a PHD scientist and a highly skilled Doctor, we tested and retested, it was crazy, even Wall Street came knocking (we decided to turn them down). And here we are, a team of people who are dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabinoid products available in the market. You found the real deal from the real people who understand the plant, well to be fair, I study it every day and have been for three decades, I have put in my 10,000 hours with the plant a few times.

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Our Team